Sunday, 4 December 2016

How was camp??

Last Tuesday we went on school camp. It went on for about 4 days till Friday. The first day  felt quite short and sort of long at the same time.

First day.
We went to Hawera pools and went swimming while fighting over  some foam floaty things. Then after some more driving we got to camp! We were told to have a safety talk first then to get into our cabins and make our beds plus get dressed in our togs for a go  on the slide at the camp.

I  felt like i was waiting for ages then it was my turn! I slid down super fast and felt the bumps going down. Then suddenly I was caught at the end by Daniel and Reece and I got up.  I decided to go down another time and after that I took some pictures of people going down. Plus having a quick swim in the river.

The next day we went to New Plymouth! First we walked along the boardwalk and it was extremely windy. Later on, we went on the Chaddy’s Charter boat ride. Sadly we didn’t go fishing but we got to see some seals!  After that we had a play on a playground and  rode in the bus to the zoo.

We got to go to two zoos! One was called  Pouakai zoo, and the other Brookland zoo. I enjoyed looking at the meerkats and patting the donkeys the most.  After that we got to have a pizza night at Pukekura park but they didn't have my favourite pizza so i was a bit sad. Although I was hungry, I got to play on the playground and walk around half the lake there.

Then it was  Thursday.  We went on a walk around the lake at Lake Rotokare Reserve. It was nice and cool and we got to hear some birds. Later after that we went to a classroom and talked about birds and stuff and what predators eat them! Then we got to look at another classroom! A classroom in the bush!  We got to go to different stages and learn about some different things in nature while writing them down on a clipboard. My favourite one was probably doing Photosynthesis.

On the last day It was quite wet but we went to Tawhiti museum and got to go on the traders and whalers ride.  Later on when we finally got back to school to go home I was happy to get some


Sunday, 20 November 2016


Where we are going:  We are mainly going to be in Eltham, but we are going to New Plymouth for about a day to do some more stuff.

What I am looking forward to:  I am looking forward to going on Chaddy's Charter because I have never been fishing before. But I am also looking forward to be doing some tubing and going to the Traders and Whalers exhibit.  What I am not looking forward to: I am not looking forward to sitting on the bus for ages and people being up while i am asleep.

What I am excited for!!!:  I am excited to be spending some time with my friends and going to all the fun things we are doing. What I am a bit scared/nervous for:  I am a bit scared that someone silly will make our cabin have to do something bad. Plus I am also a little bit scared of falling in the water while doing tubing.

What I am looking forward to in my Groups:  I am looking forward to doing activities plus spending time with my friends. What I am looking forward to in my Cabin: Sleeping.

I am very excited to go to camp!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Bug hunt!

You might not know about the Pill bug! You’ve probably seen it before and tried to pick it up. Then it curled up in your hand? That might confuse you, why does it do this plus more? Let’s find out.

What is the bugs species?
This bug is called a Pill bug or sometimes called the Roly Poly bug. The Pill bug has 2 pairs of 7 jointed legs and 1 antennae on each side of its head. Pill bugs are usually a black/brownish colour and it   curls up in a ball to protect itself.

What does the Pill bug eat and Why?
They eat plants as well as dead fruit/vegetables to get energy as well as being able to survive. Also if you didn't know.. they eat their own poo! Pill bugs eat their own poo because each time they poop they lose a little copper, which is a part of their body they need to survive.

Where do Pill bugs live and Why?
Pill bugs usually live in damp places, and can be found in piles of dead leaves, under bricks or  some dead wood. They also live where there is usually dead plants/vegetables/fruit to eat.  Usually why they live in damp places though  it's because they need lots of moisture to live.

So if you ever find a Pill bug try to maybe find out other things about it, it’ll  just surprise you while you find out about everything it does!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Reflection Wk2 T3

What have we done?: This week we performed our full plays to the class. It took about 2 weeks to finally be able to do it but we finally did it! Here is the link: play. Also we have been learning how to do line dancing which is a bit hard. Plus Mrs O' Connor  had some talks with us.

What have I learnt?: I have learnt how to do basic movements in line dancing. Plus  how to correctly act in a play like: speak so people can hear you,face the audience and how to say your lines!

My goal for next week is: To get better about line dancing!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

T3 Wk1 Reflection.

What have we done? : This week we came back to school after our holiday. In our Reading groups we have been practising some plays. Our play was called Number Hospital and I am the character Patient 1. Also it kind of taught us about prime numbers. Plus we have been learning about  Algebra  and to practice dance we made our own dances in a group and showed it off to the class along with a song for it.

What have I learnt? : I have learnt quite a bit about Algebra. Example: 3,6,12,24,48  whats the rule? =  Doubling or x2! What to do in a play. Also I have learnt how to do our dance of course!

My goal for next week is: To learn a bit more about Algebra and hopefully get into the top group!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Shrek and the GIANT Beanstalk.

One day Lord Farquaad had enough of being short so he went to the Fairy Godmothers shack. He was going to get a potion to make him tall but the Fairy Godmother said ¨NO.¨ So he threatened to blow up the Fairy Godmothers shack, then the Fairy gasped quietly and then gave him the potion with no questions asked.

Lord Farquaad returns to his castle with a smirk on his face. He then without reading the potions name drunk the entire bottle…..1 hour later……. Lord Farquaad went outside and then he started to grow and grow and grow until he was a big as a GIANT!

Fiona was looking for Lord Farquaad  because she needed a bigger swamp. Fiona looked in every room for Lord Farquaad but he was nowhere to be found so Fiona went outside to look for Lord Farquaad. Then Fiona saw what happened to Lord Farquaad. He had grown in size! Fiona was very surprised she asked him ‘’why are you so giant?¨  Then Lord Farquaad smiled and picked her up and ran away.

Lord Farquaad went past the swamp where Shrek and Puss in boots were playing chess then the ground started to shake and shake they looked out the window and gasped they saw Fiona on Lord Farquaad shoulder. They quietly followed Lord Farquaad to a beanstalk then he jumped up and before you knew it he was up there and chucked the other Giant down the beanstalk and with a THUD there was a Giant earthquake.

Along comes Donkey and Dragon and they had seen what had happened to Fiona and wanted to help save Fiona. So Shrek and Donkey hopped onto Dragon's back they flew all they way up to the top of the beanstalk. While Puss in boots starts to use his claws as an axe to cut down the beanstalk, and while everyone is doing this Lord Farquaad takes a looooooong nap . They quietly sneak Fiona out of the cage and they live happily ever after. P.S lord Farquaad ended up falling in a piece of cow poo and died by breathing the cow poo in!!!!! Yah.

Written by Jeannie and Boston. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Reflection Wk8 T2

What have we done?; This week we did assembly and I said a line about Puanga. We have being doing lots more things about Puanga too, like, we made  ninja  stars  and wrote facts about Puanga on them. Also we had a Puanga celebration on Thursday and it was lots of fun! Plus I got to learn a bit more about measurement. 

What have I learnt?: I have learnt some things about Puanga this week and how to make a origami  ninja star! Also I have learnt  how  to correctly  draw a rectangle using measurement. 

My goal for next week is: To learn how to do more origami.